Camper Trailers.

TowATent Camper Trailers are both affordable and easy to set up. Below is a complete price table and a step by step guide to setting your camp up in minutes!

Towatent Camper Trailers come with an inventory and utility box supplied. Visit the hire equipment section for our range of tents, waecos, generators and iceboxes!

Daily Weekend
Long Weekend
(3 days)
Deposit Weekly 2
$80 $160 $240 $100 $400 $800 $1100 $1400 $500

Winding down back legs for stability.

After taking off cover, empty storage area & pull out annexe.

Poles lowered to support annexe walls.

Poles extended to support annexe roof.

Zip annexe onto camper.

Erect poles to support annexe.

Zip fly screen walls to annexe.

Peg base of annexe & camper.

Treg hitch.

Setup Gas bottle, 2 burner gas stove, tap & sink.